Monday, April 13, 2009

Am I...

Prettier than her?
Do you like me more than her?

Are there times....when...when you miss her?

I'm sorry.

Friday, March 27, 2009

People,are as stupid as ever.




Where have your passions for uplifting conversation gone?
Where have your talents gone?
Where have your morals gone?
Where has your brain gone?
On a mini spa vacation,to idiocy?

I'm beginning to think that is the only answer,unless you have another answer,an answer that will hopefully you think,justify your stupid actions,your stupid thoughts. Do you ever think? Are you even capable? can you dream? if so,of what? or are you the same idiot type that cannot remember their dreams only because you're to stupid to have any, you're too stupid to have ideas,you're so involved with the sheer thought of your own little world,and all of this "he said she said" crap,that you can't take a second and think of other wondrous things that are going on in the world,not because you're not interested,it's because your mind can't seem to fathom the complexity of what could possibly going on outside of your own little bio-dome of stupidity. Outside of your stupid little world,where everyone is just as dumb,and numb to reality as you are..

And the funny thing is...
This is not mean for one person in particular,this is meant toward all of those who are too stupid,and are complete idiots to the fact that there are other things going on outside of their idiot bliss world,that they've grown, sadly, accustomed to.

So do us all a favor,and shut your stupid,idiot running mouths,spewing nothing but the most meaningless semi-constructed sentences,what you think are conversations,and pick up a book.

Spare yourself the embarrassment,because if you feel stupid,it is most likely because you truly are.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to kill yourself in 10 days.

Let yourself go.
Lose all train of thought.
Confess all of your secrets to those who they are about.
Tell yourself nobody loves you, and never will.
Don't sleep at all.
Keep Yourself up with thoughts of love,love that you've never had, nor will ever experience.
Lay in the grass,after the sprinklers have finished wetting the grass down, your new bed.
Disconnect your phone.
Push everyone away.

Do this pass the ten days...and I promise you....You'll be so dead inside, that you would have forgotten that you were ever alive.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm guilty...

I've ruined the last corners of my room.
I've pulled my curtains down,blocking out any potential rays of hope.
I've scattered marbles over the tile in my room, in hopes to slip.
I've been laying on the floor for hours.
I've been lying to myself for months...
I've been fighting this war inside of me.
She's better.
She's smarter.
She's the most beautiful creature that I've ever seen.
She knows that I can't stand to love her.
I've been hiding in the floral patterned sheets on my bed.
I've had my moment,my great escape
Came,and went.
She's crying.
I'm dying...
Dying for more.

She's never been so in love.
She's never been more mortal.
I've never felt more immortal.
Eat her feelings in the darkest corners of your room.
Hide her heart in the floral print sheets.

She's never been in love.
I've never been.

Monday, January 19, 2009

This monster that I have comfortably become...


Stuck in this maze...Damn this!? Again!? This fucking maze talk.
Do you give a fuck? No? Well,that's great because neither do I.

So the fuck what if you're stuck in a situation and,you try,and you try and you just can't get yourself out,who the hell cares...? There's one person who cares; past friend,future, present.
But you're so "lost" in this shit hole of a can't begin to rub the crap out of your eyes and realize, "Holy fucking shit" You're the best 'thing' that I've ever had the chance to come across...

Suddenly that maze you're stuck in,you know,the one you an I really don't give a rats ass about, it seems...better now, it seems as though this being stuck situation had a lighter tone to it,than just your black and gray's.... face it...You were never even in that maze to begin with.

But that god forsaken predicament, is the best that you've ever had....
Don't go and knit pick, don't attempt to blame that person for something....that was never,nor ever will it be their fault.



And never repeat...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ghost town....

What is it with this town?
Papers fly across empty streets.
Whispers are carried through the air, with the loss of atmosphere.

People become dull.
People become animals....
People become...people

I had an interesting night. Very interesting....
"Bitches be crazzzzyyy"
Is my direct quote,that supports the situation that was at hand last night.

To my lovely Adam....I'm very sorry.
You mean the world to me. And so much more. I hope to keep it this way for a long time.
I promise....Not to attempt to push your buttons.

I promise.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last call...

For your 'Resolutions' for the new year.
I'm a four year strong Vegetarian, I never went Vegan, simply due to the fact that I LOVE cheese, no, I'm IN LOVE with cheese, No, I'm just mad about Dairy products! I don't know how one could possibly choose not to consume it...

Well I took that extra step, as my resolution, to become a Vegan...
This is my short story....

I woke up, and was ready to go out running like I usually do every morning,
I go to the fridge and get out the milk, "damn it!"

I get back from my run, and pour a wondrous bowl of cereal,
"Damn it"

I continue my day, and go to work, we have this awesome mini fridge that we keep snacks in for ourselves and the kids, I'm mad hungry at this point, Bada bing!!!
There's Cheese...."DAMN IT!"

So I woke up today...went to fridge, and just tossed my milk in the mini fridge just in case somebody comes over...they can have it.

What I'm getting at is.....

I LOVE cheese. Milk. Yogurt...Cheese...

Oh,as well as, if you're going to plan a resolution like, go to the gym, be nice to mom no matter what, or anything else that will significantly alter who you were/are....Go through with it.

It just might be worth it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year...

I've come to the grand conclusion that...
New Years eve, had to of been the best moments, I've ever spent counting down to the new year. I mean that in the most explosive way possible....

Everyone,welcome to, the year 2009...


Forever in a deep sleep...

Sometimes, I wish I could sleep forever. Or wake up, and know everything was apart of a dream. A dream that I,myself,made up. To feel comfort, simply to feel...
But, I can go days without a single night of sleep. That must not be very healthy for the human body, or mind.

I lay in bed; I'm swimming in warm sheets,warm water, I'm deep in thought, I'm deep in the ocean,where...for a moment I lost myself.
The breaking of my own panting wakes me.
"How long was I asleep for?" I ask myself....
"Five minutes...and some change..." I reply.

Recently,I've been getting sleep. Some of the best I've ever had.
When I lay next to him, I know it's not a dream, I know when I wake up...he'll be right next to me.

I don't have to get lost in a "dream state" ocean, not anymore...