Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm guilty...

I've ruined the last corners of my room.
I've pulled my curtains down,blocking out any potential rays of hope.
I've scattered marbles over the tile in my room, in hopes to slip.
I've been laying on the floor for hours.
I've been lying to myself for months...
I've been fighting this war inside of me.
She's better.
She's smarter.
She's the most beautiful creature that I've ever seen.
She knows that I can't stand to love her.
I've been hiding in the floral patterned sheets on my bed.
I've had my moment,my great escape
Came,and went.
She's crying.
I'm dying...
Dying for more.

She's never been so in love.
She's never been more mortal.
I've never felt more immortal.
Eat her feelings in the darkest corners of your room.
Hide her heart in the floral print sheets.

She's never been in love.
I've never been.

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